Fiesta Cheeseboard Chutney 300g


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Suitable for Vegetarians

Gluten Free

12oz Jar

This is no ordinary Cheeseboard Chutney! a blend of tropical fruit combined with onions, tomatoes and mixed spice, this will have your cheese leaping for joy off your plate and on your pallet. Of course, if you cannot wait to leave until you bring the cheeseboard out the cupboard, then enjoy as a dipping snack with chips and tortillas, combine with hummus and maybe some crushed avocado for a snack with a bake potato or for a little refinement use as an accompaniment along side some delicately steamed fish of chicken to bring to life some simple ingredients for lunch or supper. Either way, this is a perfect all round chutney!

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Suitable for Vegetarians

Gluten Free

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The Ultimate British Cheeseboard
Putting together a cheeseboard is a relatively straightforward process, but with careful thought and a few additional extras it’s easy to turn a basic cheeseboard into a banquet. What follows is a guide to putting together an extraordinary British cheeseboard full of exciting flavours and textures. Our Fiesta Cheeseboard Chutney is, of course, the ideal accompaniment.
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